Why Hire A WEHBA Member?

The Windsor Essex Home Builder's Association is a not for profit organization comprised of a board of directors and members. The main purpose of the WEHBA is to keep homeownership affordable by being an advocate for home builders, remodelers and homeowners.

HBA members are businesses connected to residential construction and the housing industry in some manner. This includes builders, developers and remodelers as well as banks, plumbers, appliance stores, electricians, lumber, cabinet companies and many more large and small businesses.

The HBA of Windsor Essex County takes great care to make sure its members are held to the highest standard of professionalism. Members must keep record of their Tarion license, on file at the HBA office, for the protection of their customers.

Our Association is dedicated to excellence and advancement of the residential construction industry, its members, and the communities they serve. We accomplish this through

  • Promoting ethical business practices

  • Honoring member-driven priorities

  • Educating members and the community

  • Exercising responsible stewardship

  • Serving as a proactive industry advocate

  • Serving as a professional resource for our members and the community

  • Recognizing and motivating our members

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