Building Ford City: 3 Day Building Blitz

September 24-26th, 2021, the Windsor Essex Home Builders Association worked alongside Habitat For Humanity Windsor to kickstart the Building Ford City Initiative. Framing four houses in three days, the crews worked hard- rain or shine...

Day 1

“What you would have seen this morning, was basically holes in the ground,” says Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex executive director Fiona Coughlin. “And now by the end of this weekend, you’re going to see what looks like houses.”

While the crews got to work, the WEHBA presented a donation of $1,200 to Habitat For Humanity. The money was raised at our recent Annual Golf Tournament through raffles and draws.

Day 2

“We’ve got members, framing crews, we have sub-trades, we have a bunch of different people that are members of the home builders association, here working hard, getting dirty, playing in the mud. Doing what needs to be done to get these houses built for these needy families,” said President of the WEHBA Vince Lapico.

Day 3

“One of the things that’s really important to us is that we work together,” says Coughlin. “We don’t build for, we build with. All of our partner families put in 500 hours of volunteer work either on their houses, in the restore or some other way that they can help.”