Before leaving your home for the last time, your renovator will do a thorough clean-up of the renovated areas of your home and any other affected areas. All tools, equipment and construction wastes will be removed. Areas will be swept, vacuumed or raked as appropriate.

It's a good idea to do a general cleaning of your home afterwards. Small amounts of dust may have found their way into corners and cracks, which will affect the quality of the air you breathe. Remember to change your furnace filters at the same time. If the renovation work created a great deal of dust, or took place during the heating season, you may want to have forced-air heating ducts professionally cleaned.

If the renovation involved exterior work such as siding or re-roofing, conduct a final scan of the grounds for nails, small metal pieces and other debris. Some renovators use a magnetic device to ensure they pick up as much as possible, but even so, it is very easy to miss a few items.