Hiring a professional renovator is your best assurance that you will get the results you want and the best value for your money.

A professional renovator is a general contractor, sometimes referred to as a renovation contractor, who can put your whole project together. The renovator will assume complete responsibility for the work contracted and give you a warranty once it's completed.

  • A professional renovator has an extensive business network of suppliers, trades, installers and experts that they draw on as required for your project.
  • A professional renovator understands the technical aspects of construction in detail and knows how houses work. They can assess your project and explain what is involved, as well as identify potential problems and provide solutions.
  • If your project requires design services, your contractor can advise you on the most suitable approach and recommend a design professional. Design-build renovators offer both design and construction services, and you may hire them for one service or both. Alternatively, professional renovators are also experienced in working with architect's drawings.
  • A professional renovator has extensive knowledge and experience with the latest products and materials. They keep up-to-date and can help you make the selections that will work best for your project and budget.
  • Professional renovators are familiar with the regulations and bylaws in your community and how the system works. When needed, they can look after permits and inspections on your behalf.
  • Professional renovators can work with you on the financial aspects of your renovation. They know what things cost and can help you set a realistic budget to achieve your renovation goals. And they know how to stretch your budget without compromising quality.
  • A professional renovator ALWAYS uses a written contract that clearly describes the work, materials to be used, timelines, price, responsibilities of both parties and other details as appropriate.
  • A professional renovator knows how to organize and manage a project-scheduling workers, trades and delivery of materials; keeping track of expenses; maintaining a clean and safe work site; and minimizing the inconvenience to you. When necessary, they know how to deal with the unexpected and the surprises that sometimes occur in renovation.
  • Most importantly, professional renovators put their customers first. They listen carefully so they know what you want. They provide you with names of previous customers so you can check out the company's track record yourself. They explain the process so you know what to expect, and once the work begins they give you regular updates so you always know what's going on. They also encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have as the work progresses. In brief, they work for you and with you to make sure that you are satisfied and happy with the final results.