About Us

The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is a voluntary organization that understands it's members needs and supports their success. It is a strong and positive representative body for our industry with consumers and government. The Association is made up of individuals that work in the residential building industry right here in the Windsor and Essex County area.

To Residential Construction Partners

It's your Association, organized so that you can get involved, be part of the "collective voice" and have a strong impact on the future of the industry here in Windsor. Information, support, business contacts, political representation and a chance to speak out.... membership provides tangible benefits and real value that will help you succeed in today's challenging business environment. To join, or ask questions click here.

To Public

Our Association is your resource. You can get information for Do It Yourself projects, or be directed to our professional builders, renovators or suppliers. Check out our Directory and Resources

Membership Makes A Difference!

How Does The Association Work?

The Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association is an association that serves its members and represents the residential construction industry on three levels -- locally, provincially and nationally. All levels of the Association work closely together to keep members up-to-date on the latest developments and well prepared to deal with business challenges and opportunities.

When our members join the Windsor Essex Home Builders' Association, they automatically become a member at the provincial, and national levels, and partake in the benefit of services and activities from all three levels.


Monthly meetings, newsletters, publications, workshops, access to expert advice, marketing campaigns, demonstration projects, awards programs, social activities...a full slate of services and activities gives members the opportunity to make business contacts, gain knowledge and enhance visibility with consumers.


Associations are in regular contact with provincial government departments and agencies on a wide range of housing matters, from codes and standards to infrastructure financing and environmental legislation. Education and training programs for Association members are organized and delivered at the provincial level.


The National Office provides a "hub" for the entire membership. Consultations with the federal government, collaboration with public and private research agencies to promote research and demonstration projects, consumer education and marketing initiatives with national industry partners, newsletters and publications, conferences, and awards provide valuable services to members across the country.

For the Public

Company membership in our Association provides the public with the assurance that they are dealing with ethical, reliable and high quality professionals.